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The pursuit of automating mundane tasks and boosting productivity has long been a priority for executives. In the past couple of decades, significant progress has been made in developing tools to automate tasks that follow a predictable pattern. However, processes that require human understanding and dynamic decision-making have been considered impossible to automate and have been outside the realm of automation. 

Fortunately, advances in generative models have led to AI systems that possess human-like comprehension abilities. This presents a remarkable opportunity to automate tasks that previously relied on human decision-making, but with enhanced accuracy, cost-efficiency, and speed.

Abacus.AI’s AI Agents provides users a platform to build agents that can solve tasks with human-like abilities or even better. The AI Agents platform provides developers access to the following tools

  • Any datasource connected to Abacus.AI using its rich connector ecosystem
  • Any ML or Optimization model on Abacus.AI
  • Any LLM: Abacus.AI offers a range of LLM options, including GPT3.5, GPT4, Palm, Azure OpenAI, Claude, Llama2, as well as Abacus custom models.
  • A code executor
  • A Document Retriever
  • Any other agent that is deployed on Abacus.AI

By stitching together one or more of these tools developers can create AI Agents to solve complex tasks. Some examples include

  • Search the knowledge base of your organization to answer any question
  • Search through each vendor contract and answer a specific question, e.g. if the contract has a clause that accounts for price increase due to inflation, on each of them
  • Automate customer support by combining the company’s knowledge base, which includes rule books, policies, etc., with customer specific situational context that is based on data such as transactions and purchases.

Deployment Options

Once the Agent is built by the developers to solve specific problems, they can deploy the agent and provide access to users in multiple ways that include

  • Interact with the dashboard provided in the product
  • Integrating with business communication platforms like Teams and Slack, allowing users to engage with the Agent directly from the messaging application
  • A consumer-facing application similar to ChatGPT that can be exposed to both employees within the company as well as customers and partners
  • An API endpoint that can be used to power any user facing application

Security and Monitoring

While automating tasks using AI Agents and providing access to users across your organization as well as to your customers boosts productivity significantly, it possesses security risks. To address the security risks and to prevent unauthorized access to AI Agents, Abacus.AI provides Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) and the required security settings to ensure that users can only access the Agents that they have permissions for. Abacus.AI can easily integrate with multiple IAM services such as Okta, Azure AD and Google Workspace to provide seamless access management and ensure secure, controlled access to your resources.

After securely setting up your agent, it is important to consistently assess its performance to ensure stability. With Abacus.AI, you have the ability to setup evaluation pipelines that continuously monitor your agent’s performance. In case of any decline, alerts can be triggered to promptly address the situation.

If you are interested in learning more or want us to create a Data LLM Agent on your data, contact us at contact@abacus.ai for a free Proof of Concept (POC) and/or a consultation

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