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Machine Learning Meets Optimization

How does Amazon manage to flawlessly deliver millions of products across the globe every day? Or a restaurant chain accurately predict demand, plan inventory and distribute staff coverage across its footprint? The secret sauce is a blend of two potent mathematical…

Data LLM: Get insights from your data

Every organization has tons of data but it’s always a challenge to find actionable insights from it. Much like finding a needle in the haystack, you have to look through tons of reports to discern concrete patterns from which you can make decisions. Unless one has a deep…

Giraffe - Long Context LLMs

Following up on the work from our previous blog post, we are releasing today an arXiv paper titled “Giraffe: Adventures in Expanding Context Lengths in LLMs”. Giraffe is a new family of models that are finetuned from base LLaMA and LLaMA2 that we release. We include a…

Treating Attention Deficit Disorder in LLMs

We have seen an explosion of open-source LLMs lately. While these OSS LLMs have shown comparable performance to closed source LLM APIs offered by OpenAI, Google and others, they suffer from one serious limitation. They only support context lengths of 2K compared to closed…

Abacus.AI at NeurIPS 2022

The Abacus.AI team has published two papers to appear at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2022. NeurIPS is a top machine learning conference held every December. Abacus.AI is also planning a social event during NeurIPS – stay tuned for…