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Open Source LLMs, Fine-Tunes and RAG Based Vector Store APIs

Organizations want to infuse LLMs into every part of their planning and decision making process. This translates to thousands, if not millions of API calls a day. While GPT-4 is great, it’s also prohibitively expensive, at scale.  Luckily, the open-source LLM community has been extraordinarily prolific and 70B Llama2 models can be easily customized for…

Machine Learning Meets Optimization

How does Amazon manage to flawlessly deliver millions of products across the globe every day? Or a restaurant chain accurately predict demand, plan inventory and distribute staff coverage across its footprint? The secret sauce is a blend of two potent mathematical techniques: forecasting and optimization. While each is powerful in its own right, their combined…

Closing the Gap to Closed Source LLMs – 70B Giraffe 32k

Today we release a larger 70B version of Giraffe, succeeding the 13B model we mentioned in a previous blog post. Giraffe is a family of models that are finetuned from base Llama 2 and use context length extension techniques to increase their effective context length capability from 4096 to approximately 32000. As we discussed in…

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